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8/27 Happy Birthday, Angel Pie


I cannot believe it’s been six years since you appeared in my life. I have so much to thank you for. You have made me a better person, a less selfish, self-centered person. I have learned to stop and notice the little things – because you always have.

You were such a tiny thing when I held you the first time – and now look at you – running across the street to school with friends without even looking back to see if I am there. Words fail me.

You’ve taught me a good bit about God and Heaven,too. I am so glad that you got to eat boloney sandwiches with God and Jesus while you were there and that Jesus is a big fan of making chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It must have been fantastic to have him make that for you.

Your self-confidence and fearlessness is astonishing. I never felt as assured of my place in this world as you do. And, if I ever wonder if you will become reckless or self-centered because of it, all I have to do is watch you with your dog and all of your sensitive, thoughful ways become so obvious.

If I ever lose my way or feel uncertain of what it is I was put here for, you and your warm wiggly body that smells of bathtime and sleep set my heart and mind at rest every single night. You are my hearts desire and I can ask for nothing more.

So Happy Birthday my love. I hope today is one of the very best days of your life.


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