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And now I’m back :-)



I didn’t mean to be gone this long. Writing a book required more of me than I thought. And now – it’s done!!!

I’ve put it int he hands of the uber-talented Lori Paquette so she can work her design magic on it just like she did on my whitepaper. Our tentative launch date is September 18 – wheeeee!!

I’ve really missed being here at Escaping Mediocrity. This is my true home. The place where I can be exactly who I am and know that I am among the most awesome people in the world. You all teach me so much about community and about Fierce Loyalty (I talk about you in the book – a lot).

While I was on sabbatical, someone asked me “Aren’t you nervous about putting your blog on hold like that? Won’t your community fall apart by the time your book comes out?”

I replied “I’m not nervous at all. I built that community to function whether I’m there or not. They gather other places, continue talking to and supporting each other. They will be just fine.”

This person then looked at me like I had twelve heads because that is NOT how a typical blog-owner thinks.

#1 – I don’t own this blog. I simply hold the space for this blog.

#2 – The Escaping Mediocrity Community is anything but typical.

So yay! I’m home. And I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for keeping my spot warm for me.

Love you!


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  • Congrats!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new baby. Good to have you back.

  • rochelleveturis

    Congratulations Sarah. We’ve missed you. Welcome back.

  • Welcome back! (you were gone? obviously so was I … *she types 1 week after this was posted*). Many thanks for your kind words. It is an honor and privilege to connect your brilliant words to their visual voice. I’m looking forward to discovering how it turns out

  • Congrats Sarah, can’t wait to checkout your book!

  • mauldin632456

    Great experience you share in here and i hope every people are like this education so more. To write a book such kind of education is more essential for. I hope every people are enjoy this tips from you.