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1. Are you one of those angry mom bloggers?
No.  Well, somedays I may be angry about something specific, but being an angry, snide blogger just isn’t my style.

2. What’s the point of your blog?
Figuring this out has been quite a journey for me.  Thought I was crystal clear back in the fall, but I wasn’t. But, I think, I have finally found the right groove for me and for this blog.  Escaping Mediocrity is all about the daily adventures of escaping mediocrity.  See, I think many of us have settled for being “like” other people or for less than we actually want because it’s easier. Or maybe we just don’t know what or how to break the grip of mediocrity in our lives and/or our businesses.

Escaping Mediocrity is a gathering place for the Tribe of people who know they want more, better, different and are ready to take on the adventure of getting there. Too many of my friends and colleagues feel like they just don’t “fit” on the world of so-so because they want to make their own creative, unique, passionate choices (and in case you haven’t noticed – our society isn’t much on unique and different).  I feel the same way much of the time.

So this blog will serve as a gathering place for a tribe of like minded business people, parents, authors, artists – ANYONE who is ready to escape mediocrity.  We will Play Big here –  and bring our cool, hip and fun selves to the game as well.