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How I Get So Much Stuff Done


I’ve written about this topic before but I’ve gotten a ton of questions lately about how I get so much stuff done while still being a good mom to the two small turks and a decent wife to Turk Senior. So I’m writing about it again. 🙂

Please note: I am not a big organizational freak and this is the only “system”, if you will, that gives me enough structure and enough flexibility to tame the wildness that is my life.

If you find it useful – yay! If not, that’s okay too. 🙂

Monday: Admin Day. This is the day I meet with my team, pay bills, all things paperwork related. This is also the day I look over the coming week, month, 90 Days to think about and plan for upcoming business opportunities.

I pre-write my Monday blog post so all I need to do is edit a just a bit. 

I make a master Task list for the week. I just split a piece of paper into two columns, one labeled Work and one labeled Home. then I brain dump everything that needs to get done in the week. Then I build my daily to-do lists from this master list.

Tuesday: Focus Day. These are the days that I concentrate on my high-payoff business activities.  For me, focus days are for coaching clients, leading classes, speaking, writing, going to appointments, etc.

Focus days are also for communicating with prospective clients about coaching, speaking opportunities, guest blog post opportunities, etc.  The point is that I’m doing what needs to be done to generate revenue, either now or sometime in the future.

Wednesday: Focus Day

Thursday: Focus Day

Friday: I alternate this between Admin and Focus depending on what needs the most attention at the time. If Monday was a school holiday, this is my catch up day.  And if I’ve been super super productive – I get to take Friday off and have a Play Day. 🙂

Again – these definitions aren’t rigid. But I have found that if I start blurring the lines between how I define my days, they all start to become one big blur. By focusing my energy, I actually give myself the gift of momentum and can get a good bit accomplished in a short amount of time.

Am I able to stick to all of this 100% of time? Absolutely not! But I figure if I can stick to it about 70% of the time, I’m doing pretty well.

I’d love to hear how you organize your time so that it serves you. 🙂

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  • I love having a philosophy or plan to guide my decisions.  I may have to try yours out!  Love the idea!

  • Ah, I love that you have a strategy in general. I definitely need to find one that works for me. Do you ever find that your day changes based on what you find when you open your inbox that day?

  • Alicia Marinache

    This is a good one… I almost got it to something similar in the past few months, when I started to get overwhelmed by things to do… I am working on refining it and making specific time off. I work mainly on computer so it’s easy to blur the lines between work, research, play and plainly wasting your time 🙂

  • Sowmya

    Lovely Idea

  • rmsorg

    Sarah, great strategy for planning out your work week.  I’ve tried to do the same and now that I’m focusing more on building a fiercely loyal community, I find that I’m more creative (which I love) and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing more as I get to interact with people more, meet new people and make more connections.  Those days, I feel like I can get 100% of my work done.  On the days where there’s more monotony I feel less productive and don’t enjoy myself as much but it needs to be done.

    But I do enjoy starting out my week with a plan in hand!

    Thanks for sharing yours!