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Question Everything


Here’s the thing: most anyone you ask would agree that they absolutely, positively, without a doubt want to escape mediocrity. I mean, it’s a no-brainer, right? Who would say “No – I think I’ll settle for mediocre. That’s working for me.”?

And yet, that is exactly what many people do, day in and day out.


Because escaping the gravity pull of the mediocre is hard. Really hard. And, in general, human beings shy away from the really hard.

But, if you still want to raise your hand for this adventure, here’s the very first thing you must be willing to do:

Question Everything.

What do I mean by everything?

– Question the stories you tell yourself about what is and isn’t true.

– Question the ideas that you believe to be 100% accurate.

– Question the goals you’ve set and make sure they are yours and not someone else’s.

– Question everything you’ve learned and accepted as infallible.

– Question everyone who sets themselves up as a leader or a teacher.

– Question the business ideas that are believed to be “the gospel”.

– Question anyone and anything that ever makes you feel less than.

There are lots of other stuff to question, but this list should get you started.

You many chose to ask your questions privately – just you and you. You may choose to ask them out loud with a select group. Or you may choose to ask them on a big scale.

If you do chose to ask them out loud, be polite, never assume you are 100% correct and always leave room for different opinions. That is sort of the point of asking questions, right?

I want to prepare you for something, though. (No one prepared me for this, so I want to spare you the shock.)

If you chose to ask them out loud, some people will not be happy about the fact that you are questioning. Question-askers mess with the status quo and that makes many people uncomfortable. Especially if your questions a) make them start to question b) requires them to consider changing in any way.

We are creatures who enjoy comfort and predictability. We don’t want anyone spoiling that by rocking the boat. So if your questions involve other people, expect push back. Sometime hard push back.

If you are asking your questions out loud and they rattle cages, expect some people to suddenly go radio silent on you.  Like I said, those who ask questions can make some people uncomfortable.

The upside is that there will also be people who will encourage you to ask questions, support you as you seek out what is true, even walk along side you to make the journey more fun.

Asking questions is a tough road. It forces us to wake up from The Matrix and carve out our own reality. The great news is that it forces us to wake from The Matrix and carve out our own reality. 🙂

What say you? What are your thoughts and experiences about questioning everything?

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