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The Escaping Mediocrity Manifesto


The Escaping Mediocrity Manifesto

I believe we are all called to something bold and amazing.

~ I believe we each hold within us a vast reservoir of courage.

~ I believe in doing something every day that scares the shit out of me.

I believe in burning my ships and declaring myself all in.

I believe that the place of effortlessness is where all my power lies waiting for me.

~ I believe that effortlessness doesn’t mean I stop working my butt off.

I believe that it’s all about relationships.

I believe that it’s all about choices.

I believe in getting paid well for what I do.

I believe I have no greater duty to myself and to others than telling the truth.

~ I believe that once I’ve lost the will and desire to keep my word, I’ve lost everything.

I believe that, however necessary it may be, failing still sucks.

~ I believe in making a ruckus.

I believe there are those who are waiting to hear what only my unique voice can say.

~ I believe true kindness is grossly underrated and undervalued.

I believe generosity and gratitude will always trump arrogance, fear and scarcity as marketing strategies.

~ I believe the words “I’m sorry” are the most healing words in the English language.

~ I believe living is meant to be a daily adventure, full of unexpected twists and turns and moments that take my breathe away.

~ I believe my greatest market advantage is cultivating a beginner’s mind.

~ I believe in supporting those who support me. They are, after all, the reason I get to do what I do for a living.

~ I believe we are all awash in creative energy.

~ I believe we all yearn to be seen and heard and acknowledged by others.

I believe we all long for meaningful human connection.

I believe in questioning everything.

I believe levity will save us all.

I believe in naps.

I believe in raising my children to be something other than sheep.

I believe making a cake can soothe my troubled soul.

I believe in sinking into deep, heart-felt contentment.

I believe that trusting my instincts will never lead me astray.

I believe in living in the solution.

~ I believe the big “thing” I know I am meant to do in this world is worthy of execution.

~ I believe I must declare, out loud, which side I’m on.

~ I believe I am enough.

What do you believe?

I’ve made a very cool poster of the Escaping Mediocrity Manifesto that fits on one piece of regualr, letter-sized paper and doesn’t use a ton of ink to print. Here’s a snapshot of it.

If you would like a copy of the poster to print out and keep where you can see it, just pop your name and email addy in the boxes below and one will whiz it’s way to your inbox!

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