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The “I’m Sick So You’ll Have to Do the Writing” Post



So….I’m sick. Not just kindof sick. But really bad cold/cough/feellikemyheadisgoingtoexplode sick.

Which means my brain is not firing well enough to remember what day it is, much less put together a riveting blog post.

I could just skip a post for today, but that wouldn’t be much fun. So instead, I’ve come up with a few questions for you to get your brain churning. It would be best if you wrote out the answers (pen to paper is where the magic happens) and you don’t have to share them in the comments unless you want to.

BUT, I would love it if you shared any a-ha’s you got from writing out the answers.

Don’t be a passive intaker on this. Get out a piece of paper and a pen and dedicate the 10 – 15 minutes it will take for you to do this. The result I promise is clarity. 🙂


1. The thing I want to do/be more than anything is:

2. The skills, knowledge and expertise I’ve acquired to help me do that are:

3. The gaps in my skills, knowledge and expertise are:

4. Here’s how I’m going to fill that gap (ie, where/who I’m gonna learn it from):

5. And this is my time frame for doing that:

These are pretty specific questions requiring pretty specific answers. So the more you can raise the grain when you are writing, the more useful this information will be to you.

So off you go! I’ll be thinking of you from here under the covers slugging gatorade. 🙂

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