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Long before Seth Godin’s amazingly popular and insightful book, Tribes, I used that word to describe the group of people I feel most connected to – my “chosen” family if you will.

Just think about the images it conjures up – Tribe. A sense of unquestionable belonging, a sense of deep understanding –  knowing that a group has your back no matter what kind of day you’re having – the ultimate safety net.

(It also is a GREAT place for plotting all kinds of adventures and for recovering once the adventure is complete.)

My intention here at Escaping Mediocrity is to create just such a tribe of like-minded adventures who are so ready to escape the world of mediocrity. We won’t all agree on everything and our adventures will differ wildly I am sure. But here’s what we WILL do: we will support, encourage, push a little, laugh a lot and generally enjoy the journey.

Sound like fun?! Yeah!  Welcome to the tribe!

Here are some ways you can join The Tribe:

  • Participate in the discussions we have here by leaving comments.
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  • Follow me on twitter (@sarahrobinson) and I’ll introduce you to other members of the tribe who hang out there.
  • Let me know about your own adventures in authenticity and breaking the death grip of mediocrity by sending me an email sarah (at) escaping-mediocrity (dot) com.
  • Share your connections, talents, resources and yourself with those you connect with – THAT is what makes a tribe invincible!
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  • If you like it here and know other like-minded adventurers, I hope you will invite them to join us (or share the links to posts you like).